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The Bury family likes to travel. We've visited the Caribbean, the UK, the US, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Next trip: Spain.

1,000 metres up: Hiking with Super Nicolas up Mt. Mansfield

Advice: in your 50s, don’t try to keep up with an 18-year-old. I learned that last year, when I went on a day-long hike my son. An 18-year-old outdoor enthusiast with leg muscles like steel springs and shoulders like mine … Continue reading

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Holiday in Spain: Granada

The Alhambra is far from Granada’s only attraction. After our tour of the Alcazaba, the Nasrid Palaces, the Generalife and the many other pleasures of the Alhambra, we try to take in the other sights of Granada. Warning: getting around … Continue reading

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Take a holiday in Spain: The Alhambra

Since I heard of it as a teenager, the Alhambra has seemed to be a jewel, a shining, perfect example of comfort, peace and repose for a prince. Pictures in books, TV and the Web presented cool gardens and reflecting … Continue reading

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Holiday in Spain: Andalusia

This is something the guidebooks don’t tell you: Andalusia goes absolutely ga-ga for Holy Week, the week preceding Easter. Unless you are enthusiastically religious AND love standing in shoulder-to-shoulder crowds and breathing someone else’s cigarette smoke, DO NOT come to … Continue reading

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One day, two continents

Or, saying “no” to guide after guide April 5, 2012 I can see Africa! We are on the ferry in Tarifa, waiting to cast off for Tangier. It rained earlier, but the sky is now clearing. Standing on the dock … Continue reading

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Take a holiday in Spain: Madrid, day 2

Unlike most hotels in Austria, Spanish hotels do not seem to normally offer breakfast included in the price of an overnight stay. The Atlantico has a large buffet breakfast, but it seemed quite pricey. So we did the North American … Continue reading

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Holiday in Spain: Madrid, day 1

In the following series of posts, about my trip to Spain, I will try to give you some observations and tips that you do not find in most travel guidebooks. Madrid Madrid is one city, and many cities at once. … Continue reading

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