The beginning of a new adventure

Welcome to the launch of this new blog by travelers.

As you can see in the About page, the Bury family likes to travel. With technology like high-resolution digital cameras, laptop computers and, the newest addition, the camera-equipped iPad2, we can blog as we go.

This blog will be our podium for reactions to what we see, reviews of hotels, restaurants, transport and attractions. We’ll also write our thoughts about the places we’re in.

We invite all interested in traveling and seeing the world to read, and to make comments about what we’re writing. And if you have been to some of the same places as us, we’d love to read your thoughts, too! Just click in the Comments section.

The first entries will be on our trip to Austria and Switzerland. We’ll make one post a day.

Won’t you join our journey?

About ScottTheWriter

The Bury family likes to travel. We've visited the Caribbean, the UK, the US, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Next trip: Spain.
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